The marketing and sales department of Medox Ltd. deals with the marketing and sales of medical respiratory devices and equipment to medical institutes, to the MHO's, to senior citizens' homes, to companies and to private customers

It's variety of high quality products covers different fields:

  • Liquid oxygen systems 
  • BPAP equipment for respiratory support 
  • Respiratory machines 
  • Inhalation devices 
  • Suctions 
  • Sphygmomanometers          
  • Resuscitation kits  
  • Oxygen concentrators – for the treatment of COPD treated persons and persons with heart diseases
  • Oxygen cylinders of different volumes, medical regulators 
  • Mobile oxygen concentrators – for perfect mobility of the users 
  • CPAP equipment for the solution of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome 
  • Moisture enrichers (moistures and heats) for CPAP


Perishable equipment:

  • Oxygen glasses 
  • Oxygen masks 
  • Wetting bottle 
  • Respiratory support machines' and CPAP masks

Medox Ltd. is a representative of the leading companies in the world of the respiratory field in Israel. The equipment marketed by Medox Ltd. is known for its high quality. The company is well known for its many years' experience in Israel and of the great satisfaction of its customers. The equipment is supplied to the customer's home or to the institution in any part of the country, and also includes installment and guidance. The service lab of Medox Ltd. performs repair and support services to the sold equipment, including spare parts, all under the manufacturer's liability.