Company profile

Medox Ltd. was established in 1992.  Medox specializes in the provision of respiratory services and in marketing medical respiratory equipment and sleep medicine for home patients.  Among its many clients, one can find public institutes and entities, such as: Health Funds, the different MHO's, senior citizens' homes, hospitals, geriatric departments and private customers.

Medox Ltd. supplies and markets oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen systems, CPAP and BIPAP equipment for sleep medicine and for respiratory support and more.  The supply and service are nationwide, and include an answer to every problem 24 hours a day.  The company escorts the patient accordingly to the instructions of the medical bodies.  Upon the patient's release from the hospital, the company delivers the equipment to his/her home, with guidance and instructions of use, and it supplies support and repair services throughout the product's lifetime.

The company is an importer of a variety of leading manufacturers of medical respiratory concentrators, home concentrators for 24 hours use, as well as lightweight mobile concentrators (2.3 to 4.5 kg.) for the patient's mobility, which can be used on flights and abroad.  Medox Co. was the first company to penetrate the mobile oxygen generators to the Israeli market starting on 2002.  Medox has great experience in their maintenance, and provides consultation to consumers who are interested in such concentrators, and in suiting the equipment to the customer accordingly to the medical criterions.  The company completed a special project with El Al Company, which enables the use of these mobile oxygen concentrators in the national airline company's fleet.

In addition, Medox Ltd. supplies equipment and accompanying diagnostic tools, such as equipment for testing blood oxygen concentration and sphygmomanometers


Medox Ltd. is an importer of Nidek Medical Inc. USA, and it operates a service laboratory, authorized for maintenance and repair of the equipment marketed by it, as well as by other companies.  Medox has mobile service units with a trained, experienced staff throughout the country for the provision of quick response whenever needed.

Medox Ltd. has great reputation, and it is renowned for its service and quality of products.  Its thousands of patients of many years will testify on this. The company is ISO 9001-2008 quality management certified and ISO 27001-2013 Information security management certified.